A Little About Me

2015 05 03_Family Photo's_Shannon-03_Portraiture

Taking pictures has been my joy for as long as I can remember. My family will tell you that over the years there's rarely been an instance that I've ever been without a camera.   I'll go to great lengths to get that perfect shot of our three kids, sometimes much to their embarrassment.  I also enjoy gardening and being outside when the weather's nice.   I don't drink coffee but like the smell so I often find myself meandering down the coffee aisle while in the grocery store.  I've watched "Grey's Anatomy" from the beginning, own all the "Twilight" movies, and most recently find myself watching "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."    I am definitely a people person and enjoying meeting and making new friends.  My love for people enables me to put my clients at ease, a trait that is really helpful when working with tweens and teens I can't carry a tune if my life depended on it but I LOVE chocolate.

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